Preserving the Outdoor Features Of Your Home Or Business


Installing features that contain wood surfaces to the exterior of your home or business is a big decision that can cost quite a bit of money, depending on the size of the project. When wood surfaces are exposed to outdoor conditions such as sun, moisture, and temperature changes, they quickly start to show wear and will begin falling apart if not preserved and maintained properly. Don’t let your investment slowly deteriorate in your yard. Call the wood surface restoration specialist at Great American Power Wash today!














Having a wood fence around the perimeter of your property can increase the value and gives it a beautiful, finished look. Unfortunately, if it is not maintained properly, it can do just the opposite. As the wood panels start to deteriorate and rot, the fence will begin to lean and fall apart. Hire Dan Barker, at Great American Power Wash, today to clean and seal your wood fences regularly to help them last for many years to come. Call today for all your fence restoration needs.



A wood deck that is attached to your home or business creates a great place for people to sit and enjoy the great outdoors. Add some flowers and chairs and you have the perfect outside oasis. Even more so than fences, wood decks need regular upkeep as they get worn down from foot traffic, lots of sun, and the occasional snow storm that will hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the winter. Deck restoration from Great American Power Wash includes a softwash cleaning to remove stains and mold without damaging the wood. Once it is all cleaned, we then seal the deck to give it a fresh, new look and keep it from deteriorating quickly.



While a lot of patios are made of concrete or gravel, there are some that have been designed with a wood deck style. Being placed directly on the ground, wood patios are more apt to having mold and mildew grow under them, which causes more rapid deterioration of the wood. Having your patio cleaned and sealed by professionals can make it last longer and keep it looking like new. Call Great American Power Wash today for your patio restoration!



Gazebos are fun and appealing for any yard or garden area. The majority of gazebos are made completely out of wood. While the roof of the gazebo may be exposed to the greatest amount of harmful elements, the sides and floors need to be cleaned and sealed regularly to keep your gazebo in the best condition possible. Be sure you choose a company to restore your gazebo that uses a soft washing process like Great American Power Wash. Hard washing can do severe damage to the wood and leave your gazebo looking even worse than before. Call Great American Power wash today to get your gazebo cleaned and sealed!



Pergolas are a great addition over a patio or deck to create some shade for you and your guests. You may not think about having regular upkeep performed on your pergola, but just like any outdoor wood feature, they will get weathered over time. Having your pergola cleaned and sealed will prevent them from molding, and eventually falling apart beyond the point of repair or restoration. Call us today at Great American Power Wash to restore your pergola to a like-new condition!



Do you have a boat dock that needs some TLC? Docks have some special requirements that are necessary to keep them up and running. Having their foundation placed in the water, you need to make sure that the wood is sealed properly to withstand the pressure and weight that is placed on it. A weak or faulty dock can be extremely dangerous. Dan Barker has experience in dock restoration, and will ensure that your dock is safe while making it look great in the process! Call Great American Power Wash today!


Our mission at Great American Power Wash is to provide the best customer service possible. Decks, fences, gazebos, etc. are investments that you should be able to enjoy and take pride in. Don Barker wants to help you do just that by providing professional restoration to all of your outdoor wood features that surround your home or business to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Call Great American Power Wash today for all your wood surface restoration needs!





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